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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Thyroid Cancer, Version 1.2017




Before doing an FNA, things are considered like the

size of the nodule, location, and features



nodule features and your health history may alert

a doctor to do more testing. You may not have an

FNA for larger nodules in some cases. For example,

nodules larger than 4 cm may involve surgery to

remove a lobe of the thyroid or the whole thyroid.

See Part 4 for more information on surgery.




Two basic tools of diagnosis are when your

doctor takes your medical history and does an

exam of your body.



Blood tests give the doctor information to plan

the next steps for other testing or treatment.



Imaging tests are used to take pictures

(images) of the inside of your body.



Tissue or fluid must be removed from your

body and tested to diagnose cancer. A biopsy

removes samples of fluid or tissue.



FNA is the recommended form of biopsy to

assess abnormal thyroid nodules.



TSH controls the hormones made by the thyroid

and may be normal or abnormal for thyroid