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Thyroid Cancer, Version 1.2017

Thyroid Cancer


6 How to use this book 7 Part 1 Thyroid cancer

Explains how and where this cancer


14 Part 2 Testing for thyroid cancer

Describes how doctors use tests to

diagnose thyroid cancer.

24 Part 3 Thyroid cancer stages and treatment planning

Describes the stages and introduces

treatment for thyroid cancer.

30 Part 4 Overview of cancer treatments

Describes the different types of treatment

used to cure or control this cancer type.

38 Part 5 Treatment guide for differentiated thyroid cancer

Presents treatment options for papillary,

follicular, and Hürthle cell thyroid cancer.

55 Part 6 Treatment guide for medullary thyroid cancer

Presents treatment options for medullary

thyroid cancer.

63 Part 7 Treatment guide for anaplastic (undifferentiated) thyroid cancer

Presents treatment options for anaplastic

(undifferentiated) thyroid cancer.

67 Part 8 Making treatment decisions

Offers tips for choosing the best


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