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Getting a Second Opinion

The time after a cancer diagnosis can be very stressful. Often, people with cancer want to get treated as soon as possible. While cancer can’t be ignored, there is time to choose which treatment plan is best for you.

Your doctor will provide you with a treatment plan. You can also have another doctor review your test results and recommend treatment. This is called getting a second opinion. Getting a second opinion may help you feel more at peace about your treatment plan.

Your test results will need to be sent to the doctor giving the second opinion. You may feel uneasy asking your doctor to send your results to someone else. However, a second opinion is a normal part of cancer care. When doctors have cancer, most will talk with more than one doctor before choosing their treatment. What's more, some health plans require a second opinion. If your health plan doesn't pay for a second opinion, you have the choice of paying for it yourself