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NCCN Policy Summit: Advocating for Equity in Cancer Care


NCCN POLICY SUMMIT DATE  > Monday, December 10, 2018 > Save the Date!

NCCN POLICY SUMMIT LOCATION  > The National Press Club • Washington, DC


In preparation for this summit, NCCN will conduct an environmental scan that will consist of stakeholder meetings with patient advocates in the area of equitable access to high-quality cancer care. The meetings will examine how equity is defined, current disparities in access, cost, and treatment in cancer care, and policy strategies to address these significant barriers for patients with cancer. The corresponding summit will provide an opportunity for a varied group of stakeholders including patients, patient advocacy organizations, industry, providers, and payers to thoughtfully discuss equitable patient access to high-quality, effective, and efficient oncology care and present best practices regarding how patient advocacy groups can influence health care policy moving forward.

Please check back often for additional updates regarding the summit.

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