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NCCN Oncology Policy Program

The NCCN Oncology Policy Program was initiated in 2009 to allow opportunities for discussion among oncology stakeholders to address relevant health policy concerns. The NCCN Oncology Policy Program has convened Policy Summits in areas such as comparative effectiveness research (CER), risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS), patient advocacy, off-label drug use and compendia, biosimilars, molecular testing, clinical pathways, and data needs.

NCCN will continue this initiative in 2014 with summits focused on current policy topics. Details on NCCN's 2014 policy programs, as well as past summits, can be found below.

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NCCN and the Affordable Care Act, February 26, 2014

Joint Statement by NCCN Prostate Cancer Guidelines Panel, October 23, 2013

Medicare Beneficiaries: How do Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Impact your
Access to Cancer Care?

Patient Advocacy Summit: Patient Concerns in 2014 – Big Data, Access, and Palliative Care, November 2014

The Impact of Health Care Reform on Academic Oncology Practice, July 2014
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Designing Clinical Trials in the Era of Multiple Biomarkers and Targeted Therapies, April 2014
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Patient Advocacy: Health Care Reform in 2013 and Beyond, November 2013
In-Depth Summary Now Available!

Measuring Quality in Oncology – Challenges and Opportunities, July 2013
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Evolving Policy Issues in Oncology – Revisiting Biosimilars and Molecular Testing, April 2013
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Patient Advocacy: Patient Perspectives Across the Cancer Care Continuum, November 2012
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Data Needs in Oncology – Clinical, Regulatory, Coverage, and Policy Issues, October 2012
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Equity in Cancer Care: Pathways, Protocols, and Guidelines, May 2012
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Patient Advocacy, November 2011
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Molecular Testing, July 2011
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Biosimilars, April 2011
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Off-Label Drug Use and Compendia, December 2010

Patient Advocacy, September 2010
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Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies, May 2010
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Comparative Effectiveness Research, December 2009
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