eBulletin Newsletter

You did so much for patients in 2022!

The generosity of people like you makes all the work of NCCN Foundation possible…THANK YOU!

Our supporters provided education, empowerment, support, innovation, and hope to people facing cancer in 2022.  

Thanks to our generous supporters, NCCN Foundation delivered its commitment to advance cancer care and cancer innovation so all patients can live better lives. This commitment was delivered in a big way:   

  • More than 1.7 million downloads of NCCN Guidelines for Patients® by over 1.4 million individuals  
  • 5 NEW NCCN Guidelines for Patients and 28 updates to existing NCCN Guidelines for Patients for a full library of 65 books
  • Over 55,000 FREE print copies of NCCN Guidelines for Patients were distributed  
  • 8 FREE patient resource webinars were held with over 13,000 in-person and archive views, including the first ever in Spanish 
  • 50 new language translations of NCCN Guidelines for Patients 
  • 7 full Young Investigator awards were funded, for a total of $9.7 million in research funding since 2011  

 By supporting NCCN Foundation, our donors provided resources that left patients, survivors, families and caregivers sharing:  

  • “My husband feels he has the right information and what questions to ask while talking to his doctor.”  
  • “I was just diagnosed (and) decided to look for an informative, practical source and this fit perfectly. I feel knowledge is the best thing I can do for myself...” 
  • “Super informative... (t)here is nothing else like this on the market.” 

With support in 2022, our donors made all this possible, and we are grateful! Thank you to our supporters!