Submission Request to the Guidelines Panels

A Guidelines panel will consider published scientific data for drugs, biologics, diagnostics, procedures, or devices used for cancer prevention, detection, treatment, or supportive care, within the NCCN Guidelines. Submissions are accepted throughout the year and are triaged to be addressed on an interim basis or during the annual review process.  

Your submission should include the following information and be no longer than 2-4 pages:

  • Contact information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Company/Organization
    • Phone/Email
    • Date of request
  • Request for Panel Consideration
    • NCCN Guidelines Panel Name (separate submissions are needed per Guidelines Panel)
    • Specific changes recommended (must include Guidelines page)*
    • Statement of whether the submitted use is or is not FDA approved for that indication.
    • Rationale for recommended change(s).
    • Citation of literature supporting recommended change(s).
  • Full articles should be included with the submission

*Submissions requesting a category 1 designation need to be supported by a minimum of a peer-reviewed, published, randomized phase 3 trial or a robust meta-analysis.

Submission Process

  • E-mail the submission request to 
  • “Submission Request” should be noted in the subject line.
  • For consideration during the annual NCCN review process, submit no less than four weeks (28 days) prior to the Meeting date. The schedule for the annual Panel Meetings/Web Conferences is available on the NCCN website. 
    • If multiple dates are listed for a Guidelines Panel, the first date should be used for timing of the submission
    • All other submissions will be triaged to be addressed on an interim basis or during the next annual review
  • You will receive confirmation of your submission. 
  • All Panel discussions are confidential until the publication of the NCCN Guidelines on the NCCN website. Please check the NCCN website for Guidelines updates.
  • All Submissions to the NCCN Guidelines Panels are for public record and will be posted on at the time of the Guidelines publication. Any action regarding the submission request will be documented in the transparency document at the time of the Guidelines publication.

Any questions regarding the submission process should be directed to:

Submission Requests for the Discussion section of the Guidelines or other NCCN Clinical Information Products

Submissions that relate to updates to the discussion section in the Guidelines, or content in the NCCN Compendia or NCCN Chemotherapy Order Templates not derived from the NCCN Guidelines algorithms, will be addressed during the routine updates of the respective products. This information is not included in the transparency document and the submissions are not posted to the NCCN website.