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Translations of NCCN Guidelines and NCCN Guidelines for Patients are available in Portuguese and Spanish. 

Latin America Editions of the NCCN Guidelines

Since 2011, NCCN has worked with the Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group (LACOG) to develop Latin America Editions of the NCCN Guidelines for Breast, Colon, Non-Small Cell Lung, Prostate Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, and Rectal Cancers. LACOG is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by a group of Latin American medical oncologists interested in the development of academic clinical research. LACOG is the first multinational cooperative group in Latin America exclusively dedicated to clinical and translational research in cancer.

In 2021, NCCN embarked on a comprehensive new project to impact access to evidence-based care for prostate cancer in the LATAM region. In collaboration with LACOG, NCCN co-hosted a webinar with leading experts from Latin America and the United States focused on key updates in the NCCN Guidelines for Prostate Cancer to optimize clinical management. Furthermore, to increase accessibility to NCCN Guidelines for non-English speaking providers, patients, family members, and caregivers in the LATAM region, NCCN translated both the clinical and patient guidelines for prostate cancer into Spanish and Portuguese.

NCCN Guidelines Adaptations

International Project to Improve Breast Cancer Care in Latin America

In 2022, the NCCN launched a collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology (SLACOM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The joint initiative brings together patients, healthcare providers, government officials, and other thought leaders to analyze barriers that prevent the delivery of optimal breast cancer care throughout the region. The group will develop recommendations to ensure cancer treatment can be provided according to the latest evidence-based expert consensus NCCN Guidelines.

As part of the collaboration, a workshop was held in Buenos Aires to gather key thought leaders in the region to conduct a rigorous analysis of the breast cancer care landscape, with a focus on any obstacles and system disruptions that prevent the most appropriate delivery of care according to the latest research-backed recommendations.

The next phase of the project will include a broader regional summit for Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, and Peru in 2023, to present the workshop findings and solicit additional feedback. The summit will also include presentations from patients and advocates sharing their perspective on challenges, barriers, and potential solutions for improving access to guideline-concordant breast cancer care.

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