NCCN Recognizes the Profound Impact Humanitarian Crises Have on Cancer Care

As an organization whose mission is to improve cancer care globally, NCCN stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We are among the many organizations moved to do whatever we can to help provide support for people impacted by the invasion in Ukraine and the worsening humanitarian crisis it is causing in the region. Building on our longstanding work and ongoing partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe, our outreach is focused on essential healthcare assistance. NCCN is committed to providing support in the short and long-term, with the conflict profoundly affecting the healthcare systems, providers, and patients in the region.

Learn more about NCCN’s new and existing cancer resources as well as additional support and clinical translations:

Recently Added! NCCN Guidelines® Translations in Ukrainian

Translating NCCN Guidelines speaks directly to the NCCN mission of making NCCN Content accessible to providers and patients globally. As a result, NCCN works to translate the NCCN Guidelines into multiple languages and publishes these important resources on as well as within NCCN  mobile app for free so that they may be accessed by clinicians around the world.

Access the Ukraine Translations

NCCN Resources for Patients with Cancer in Ukraine and Surrounding Region


NCCN Guidelines for Patients®

Resources that help people with cancer talk with their doctors about the best treatment options for their disease. These translations of NCCN Guidelines for Patients are meant to help people with cancer and their caregivers, especially those seeking refuge in other countries and facing interruptions in care during the current crisis, communicate with doctors and those providing support services. Providers serving people who speak Ukrainian can also use these to assist in communicating about cancer care. Patient Guidelines and translations are also available via a free app.

NCCN Resources for Physicians Treating Patients with Cancer in Ukraine and Surrounding Region

NCCN is continuing to update and expand free relevant clinical resources needed for Ukraine and the surrounding region. All resources are available on with a free registration and are also available via the free Virtual Library of NCCN Guidelines® App.

NCCN Framework for Resource Stratification of NCCN Guidelines (NCCN Framework™)

War not only threatens people’s immediate safety, it also makes it much harder to provide necessary medical treatment, including essential cancer care. The NCCN Framework™ is a tool for health care providers to identify treatment options that will provide the best possible outcomes in resource-constrained or conflict settings.

NCCN Guidelines Adapted for Poland

These adapted guidelines were developed in a collaboration organized by Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Research Institute (MSCNRIO), the Alliance for Innovation (AFI), and leading Polish oncologists, to guide evidence-based cancer care specific to the Polish healthcare system:

Additional Cancer Resources for Patients and Providers in Ukraine Region

NCCN is a member of the ECO-ASCO Special Network: Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer. As part of the coalition, the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) is collating the work of oncology medical and patient organizations across Europe, providing support to Ukrainian cancer patients with different tumor types and treatments into one central resource.

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