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Submission Request to the NCCN Guidelines Panels

Please complete the following information:

Date of request:
NCCN Guidelines Panel:

Guidelines for Submissions*:

  • A panel will consider scientific data including, but not limited to, reports of published trials that would be useful in evaluating therapies for inclusion in a guideline.   These data may refer to either FDA approved or off label indications for drugs, biologics, diagnostics, procedures, or devices used for cancer prevention, detection, treatment, or supportive care. Data may be submitted for new agents when approval for marketing is expected within the next 4-6 weeks, though the panel will not act on the submission before approval.
  • A cover letter (maximum 2 pages) should accompany the submission and include the following information:
    • Request for NCCN Guidelines Panel to consider review of data for a specific indication.
    • Specific changes recommended within the NCCN Guidelines. (one sentence)
    • Statement of whether the submitted use is or is not FDA approved for that indication.
    • Rationale for recommended change. (one sentence)
    • Citation of literature support and complete articles supporting recommended change.

Information must be submitted electronically.

Download a PDF of a sample submission

Please e-mail one copy of the material to the submissions@nccn.org with “Submission Request” in the subject line.

The submission should be submitted no less than three weeks (21 days) prior to any scheduled NCCN meeting or teleconference.  The panel meetings schedule is available to view. You will receive confirmation of your submission. All submissions to the NCCN Guidelines Panels are for public record and will be posted on NCCN.org.

Any questions regarding the submission process should be directed to:

Kristina M. Gregory, RN, MSN, OCN
Vice President of Clinical Information Operations
E-mail: gregory@nccn.org Phone: 215.690.0300

If you would like to schedule a call to discuss the Submission Request requirements, please e-mail us or call 215.690.0295.

*Submissions that relate to changes to the algorithm section of the Guidelines are addressed during the Panel Meetings and Web Conferences. After the updated Guidelines are published, any actions related to these submissions are recorded in the Transparency and the Submission is posted to the NCCN website. Submissions that relate to updates to the discussion section in the Guidelines or prescribing information in the Compendium and do not require a change to the algorithm section of the Guidelines, will be addressed during the routine updates of the respective products. This information is not included on the Transparency and the Submissions are not posted to the NCCN website. Please refer to the NCCN website periodically for updates to this content.