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Celebrating More Than a Decade of Commitment to People with Cancer

In August 2022, the NCCN Foundation Board was able to present a delayed token of their appreciation to Mr. Ray Lynch for his 12 years of service. Mr. Lynch served as a founding member of NCCN Foundation since its establishment in 2009, and also served as Treasurer starting in March 2010 and finishing his service as NCCN Foundation Treasurer in December 2021. During his tenure on the NCCN Foundation Board, the library of NCCN Guidelines for Patients® grew from 2 books to 60, and 59 Young Investigator Awards were presented to support cancer research innovation.

Gena Cook, NCCN Foundation Chair, thanked Ray for his leadership and guidance that laid the foundation for NCCN Foundation’s continued commitment to empowering and educating people with cancer. Dr. Robert Carlson, CEO of NCCN, thanked Mr. Lynch for keeping the NCCN Foundation Board focused on the important questions, even if they were tough questions.

NCCN Foundation is inspired by Mr. Ray Lynch’s integrity and leadership, and thanks him for his service. 

NCCN Foundation Board Chair Gena Cook thanks Ray Lynch for his years of service to people with cancer through NCCN Foundation