eBulletin Newsletter

Developing Patient Resources into 2023

People with cancer and their caregivers are supported by the free resources that NCCN Foundation provides. NCCN Foundation provides funding for patient information through patient guidelinesfree patient webinarsfree print copieslanguage translations and cancer research innovation – all to help patients face cancer.

In 2023, NCCN Foundation wants to help even more patients with cancer. 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Patients tell us that your support helps them; 86% of patients using NCCN Guidelines for Patients® reported feeling more able to make health care decisions. The patient resources make a difference to patients and caregivers facing cancer.

In order to deliver more help in 2023, NCCN Foundation plans to adapt 11 NEW NCCN Guidelines for Patients from existing NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®). To provide the most current and accurate information, NCCN Foundation also plans to update 35 NCCN Guidelines for Patients. 

In 2022 EACH new patient guideline required an average of 225 hours and $120,000 to create, adapt, publish and distribute. In 2022, the average patient guideline update  required an average of 115 Hours and $85,000 to adapt from updated clinical oncology information.

NCCN Foundation and patients facing cancer need the generosity of supporters to create and share these important patient resources.

You can be a part of helping patients and caregivers feel more able to make important health care decisions with your support. You can provide important patient resources adapted directly from standard of care clinical information by donating now.