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Making it easier to deliver FREE patient resources

Providing free patient resources like NCCN Guidelines for Patients® for people with cancer early in their cancer journey is crucial to NCCN Foundation’s mission. As one caregiver put it, the “deluge of information” about a cancer diagnosis and treatments can be overwhelming and remembering how to find the NCCN Guidelines for Patients can get lost in the sea of appointments, referrals, and details.

To help health care providers, caregivers, people with cancer, and anyone looking for information, NCCN and NCCN Foundation provide a FREE resource card listing QR codes that take you directly to the patient resources! Trying to remember where to find these important patient resources doesn’t have to add to the information overload.

These resource cards are available for FREE DOWNLOAD and can be PRINTED, POSTED, and DISTRIBUTED by request here. As a pocket-sized card, this easy-to-share resource can be used as a handout in waiting rooms, patient sessions, events, and more.

Request your FREE resource card today and make it easier for people to access resources that have them saying: “I am more able to make healthy decisions after reading this” and “This looks amazing – very clear and comprehensive!”

To quote a Patient Support Coordinator: “Everyone is so grateful to get this important information!”