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First NCCN Foundation Lotus Luncheon Raises More Than $150,000

Over 160 guests shared lunch, and together raised over $150,000 to help people affected by cancer on Thursday, May 16 at the Junior League in Houston, Texas.

As the first event of its type, the 2024 NCCN Foundation Lotus Luncheon ~ Stronger Together in the Fight Against Cancer honored Dr. Roberta Schwartz, Chief Innovation Officer at Houston Methodist. Dr. Schwartz was honored for her lifetime advocating for people affected by cancer, starting with her own breast cancer diagnosis as a young woman. Members of the community came together to celebrate her work while supporting advances in oncology innovation and free patient resources provided by NCCN Foundation.

Also present at the event were Dr. Chad Tang, a researcher and Young Investigator Awardee as well as NCCN Board Member Dr. Steven Frank, both from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center .

Dr. Courtney Burnett shared inspiring insights from her book Difficult Gifts and her experiences both as a practicing physician and living with an incurable and rare brain cancer. Her insights encouraged the attendees to embrace life’s difficult gifts.

Led by event co-chairs and NCCN Foundation Board Members Heather Kopecky, Tamar Thompson and Marc Samuels, this event will educate and empower people affected by cancer through free patient resources and oncology innovation.