Policy Overview

The NCCN Travel Policy assists anyone travelling on NCCN business by implementing procedures designed to save time and effort, for the traveler while at the same time providing quality services at a reasonable cost to NCCN. NCCN will reimburse travelers for reasonable business expenses in accordance with this policy.


  1. General
  2. A travel expense report should be submitted to the NCCN Accounts Payable Department within ten business days of the conclusion of a trip. The expense report should be signed by the traveler and submitted with itemized receipts. If the traveler is missing a receipt, a detailed explanation must be provided on the expense report regarding the nature of the expense and why the receipt is missing. NCCN reserves the right to limit or deny reimbursement if receipts are not provided.

  3. Air & Rail Travel
  4. All air travel must be booked using the NCCN preferred travel agent, Travel Leaders. Travel Leaders allows NCCN and its travelers to take advantage of the lowest fares, direct billing to NCCN, and 24/7 customer service. NCCN has access to valuable travel management information and discounted fares when arrangements are made by the designated agency. Travelers may, but are not required to, purchase train tickets on their own.

    Travel must be in coach class via the most cost-effective mode of transportation and booked at least thirty (30) days in advance to take advantage of discounted fares. Travelers may purchase upgraded tickets at their own expense (i.e. first class, business class, Acela), however, reimbursement will be the average cost of a coach class ticket between the traveler’s city of origin and the meeting destination. Travelers may upgrade their air travel with personal frequent flyer miles, provided this does not increase the base cost of the ticket. This policy prohibits arranging or altering travel plans or reservations for the purpose of gaining specific frequent flyer miles. For international flights, travel in business class or higher may be permitted when specified in advance by NCCN and/or when specifically approved by the CEO or COO.

    Once a ticket is issued, any fees associated with changes to that ticket are the responsibility of the traveler. Cancellations for tickets booked through Travel Leaders, must be made through this agency regardless of the date or time. The travel agency can often obtain a refund or credit on behalf of NCCN and the traveler. A traveler should not contact a carrier directly. Tickets and/or boarding passes (e-tickets) must be returned to Travel Leaders for canceled travel.

  5. Ground Transportation
  6. NCCN will reimburse for the cost of a taxi when traveling for business. Receipts must be provided as documentation. Consideration should be given to the most economical ground transportation services (i.e., free hotel shuttles) when available.

    NCCN will reimburse travelers who use personal cars for business-related travel. Reimbursement is limited to the maximum rate prescribed by the IRS, plus tolls, and parking expenditures. A traveler’s personal automobile insurance will provide primary coverage should the traveler be involved in an accident or the vehicle be damaged while in use for NCCN business.

    If a traveler chooses to use a personal auto for NCCN business travel that would normally be made by air or rail, the traveler’s expenses will be reimbursed to the extent the expenses are approved in advance. In addition, the reimbursed amount will not be greater than what the cost to NCCN would have been if the traveler would have elected to travel by air or rail.

    Car rental and private car service are not reimbursable.

  7. Hotel/Lodging
  8. All hotel/lodging reservations are to be made through the designated meeting manager within the NCCN Conferences & Meetings Department. NCCN will ensure use of preferred hotels where the company has a room block and/or negotiated rates. If necessary, it will also secure convenient and economical lodging in areas where there are no preferred hotels.

    In most cases, the room and tax for specified dates will be billed to the NCCN master account. Additional nights’ accommodations for personal use or non-NCCN business and all incidental charges are the responsibility of the traveler. A credit card will be requested upon check-in to cover these charges. Itemized receipts should be provided with expense report for reimbursable expenses.

    Travelers are responsible for contacting the appropriate NCCN meeting manager to cancel reservations when travel plans change to avoid "no show" charges. NCCN meeting manager contact information will be provided to the traveler in e-mail correspondence, a travel memo, or via a registration link.

  9. Meals
  10. Although NCCN does not identify a per diem or cost per meal limit, NCCN requests that travelers be conscientious regarding the amount spent for personal meals while traveling on NCCN business. NCCN reserves the right to determine appropriate meal expenditures and reserves the right to reimburse the Traveler accordingly. Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable under any circumstances.

    In addition to the credit card receipt, an itemized receipt for all meals must be submitted with the traveler’s expense report and the names of all diners (where applicable) must be noted on the expense report in the space provided. NCCN reserves the right to limit reimbursement for meals if no itemized receipt is provided. When meals are included in the meeting or conference, NCCN will not cover additional meal charges during those time periods.

  11. Reimbursable Expenses
    • Gratuities – up to 20%
    • Ground Transportation – taxis, local trains, subway, bus
    • Internet Service Fees
    • Local Telephone Usage Fees
    • Basic Luggage Fees – up to one bag per traveler
    • Meals – not including alcoholic beverages
    • Mileage - current IRS rate as per the NCCN expense report
    • Parking
    • Portage - $1/bag
    • Tolls

  12. Non-reimbursable Expenses
    • Alcoholic Beverages – includes sales tax & gratuity
    • ATM Fees
    • Business Center Services
    • Car Rental
    • Carrier Change Fees – fees associated with making changes to existing tickets
    • Cell Phone Usage Fees
    • Concierge Level Access
    • Damaged or Lost Luggage
    • Excessive Baggage Fees – includes fees for additional, overweight, or oversized luggage
    • Fitness Center Fees – includes pool, sauna, & spa
    • Gifts
    • In-room Movies
    • Insurance – flight insurance, car rental insurance, or other travel insurance
    • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
    • Long Distance Telephone Usage Fees
    • Mini-Bar Refreshments
    • Pharmaceutical & Personal Items –medications, newspapers, magazines, books, candy, toiletries
    • Private Car Service
    • Recreation and Entertainment
    • Sightseeing Tours
    • Spousal Travel
    • Traffic Violations, Parking Violations, Other Fines and/or Penalties
    • Upgrades