Quarterly Trends Surveys

NCCN Trends™ is available as a quarterly survey (total of 16 questions) to assess ongoing awareness, adoption, and/or knowledge of various topics. Quarterly surveys allow your organization to identify and assess developing trends among oncology stakeholders.

  • Four (4) questions deployed in an NCCN Trends™ Survey per quarter
  • Analysis and reporting including data split by geography, practice size, practice setting, and practice specialty (e.g., medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, internal medicine, etc.)
  • One (1) custom data split within three (3) months of delivery of initial survey
  • One (1) registration at the NCCN Annual Conference


Project Cost and Schedule

Total cost is $60,000. Payment is due in four (4) equal payments on or before the 15th of the first month of each quarter.


To learn more about NCCN Trends™ Surveys and Data, to commission a survey, or to discuss a customized, targeted survey, please contact Sherry Ulrich, MBA, Market Insights & Business Analytics Program Manager.


Note: NCCN Trends™ Surveys, Data and Reports are solely for internal organizational use. All NCCN Trends™ Surveys content and resulting data are owned by NCCN. Survey responses are kept anonymous to protect the privacy of survey respondents. NCCN may license survey content, data, and analytic results to third parties, but retains the rights to use this data for other purposes, including the support of educational and research efforts, and for other strategic or business purposes.

Questions must be clinical or policy related in nature and not promotional, which includes but is not limited to, company names, specific initiatives, or questions that market to the Trends audience. Final questions for distribution are at the discretion of NCCN.