Trends Surveys and Data

To learn more about NCCN Trends™ Surveys and Data, to commission a survey, or to discuss a customized survey, please contact Sherry L. Ulrich, MBA, Market Insights & Business Analytics Program Manager.

NCCN Trends™ electronic surveys from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) focus on how clinicians in the United States and abroad deliver cancer care. 

Survey topics
NCCN Trends™ Surveys pose questions regarding topics including, but not limited to, patterns of care, and awareness and utilization of various treatment modalities, as well as key topics impacting oncology stakeholders, such as how changes in the health care environment impact them and their patients.

How it works

  • Organizations supply draft questions for each survey.
  • Following review within the NCCN Trends™ team and prior to survey launch, a consultation call may be scheduled to discuss any potential refinements to the questions according to research goals and data needs.
  • The data is then gathered through brief electronic surveys to health care providers who access the NCCN website on a frequent basis and express interest in responding to NCCN Trends™ Surveys.
  • Health care providers surveyed include practicing physicians in diverse practice settings, including academic/research cancer centers, community hospitals, and private practices. Survey participants also represent pharmacists, nurses, and other oncology stakeholders.

What is in the report
NCCN Trends™ provides detailed analyses of resulting data that can help determine trends and patterns by geographical region, practice size, practice setting, or specialty.

NCCN Trends™ Surveys and Data are independent of any NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) or other NCCN clinical recommendations. Participants in the surveys receive a summary of survey results that offer insight into their own practice and that of their peers.

Available Options for Purchase

Note: NCCN Trends™ Surveys, Data and Reports are solely for internal organizational use. All NCCN Trends™ Surveys content and resulting data are owned by NCCN. Survey responses are kept anonymous to protect the privacy of survey respondents. NCCN may license survey content, data, and analytic results to third parties, but retains the rights to use this data for other purposes, including the support of educational and research efforts, and for other strategic or business purposes.
Questions must be clinical or policy related in nature and not promotional, which includes but is not limited to, company names, specific initiatives, or questions that market to the Trends audience. Final questions for distribution are at the discretion of NCCN.