Fundraising Events

2024 NCCN Foundation Lotus Luncheon

2024 NCCN Foundation Lotus Luncheon

NCCN Foundation hosted a luncheon fundraiser on May 16, 2024 at the Junior League of Houston in Houston, Texas. This fundraiser educated and empowered people affected by cancer through free patient resources and oncology innovations. 

Roberta Schwartz, PhD
The event honored Dr. Roberta Schwartz. As Chief Innovation Officer at Houston Methodist. Dr. Roberta Schwartz, a dedicated advocate for those impacted by cancer, leads with compassion and expertise, helping individuals on their journey through the complexities of the healthcare system. She is committed to a more personalized and easier health journey for all patients.

Courtney Burnett

Special speaker Dr. Courtney Burnett shared her incredible story of self-diagnosing her brain tumor (which turned out to be an incurable and rare form of brain cancer) while studying medicine in Thailand at the age of 29.

Dr. Burnett continues to treat patients in a hospital setting, and creator of the well-known blog, “Elephant, Lotus, Brain Tumor” and author of the award-winning memoir Difficult Gifts. Most inspiring is how Dr. Burnett sees her diagnosis as a difficult gift: a gift that can teach, motivate, change, and inspire. She is also passionate about raising awareness of brain cancer and patient advocacy. 

Leisa Holland-Nelson, as Host Committee Chair, championed and advocated for this event in support of NCCN Foundation and for helping people affected by cancer.

NCCN Foundation is grateful to the Host Committee for their commitment to this event and to helping those affected by cancer. 

  • Eva Archer-Smith
  • Chree Boydstun
  • Sue and Rusty Burnett
  • Cherri Carbonara
  • Charity Yarborough Cox
  • Susie Distefano
  • Lauren Fisher
  • Marilu Garza
  • Paula Goldstein
  • Barbara and Buddy Herz
  • Alicia Jansen
  • Cassie Kopecky
  • Frann Gordon Lichtenstein
  • Roz Pactor
  • Kim Padgett
  • Leila Perrin
  • Sandra Porter
  • Vicki Rizzo
  • Jenny Barnett Sarpalius
  • Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber
  • Roberta Schwartz, PhD
  • Debra Feigin Sukin, PhD
  • Barbara Van Postman and Jim Rapson
  • Kelly J. Zúñiga, EdD